Vinyls & Lattes


We were told by one of our customers that in New York vinyl cafes are making a huge trend. Our lovely customer also sent us a link on the subject (click here) and we started thinking that there might be some thing in the air for Whitby’s cozy new coffee shop… hint hint… Brock St. Espresso ;)

The vibe of listening to cool music and drinking a kick ass coffee made with the freshest beans in town is just what Whitby needs.

The logistics of how we can make this work are still in the very preliminary stages but we are looking for ideas because we think this might be that little boost of coolness our cafe needs.

Next time you are in Whitby’s down town core and happen to be walking by Brock St. Espresso, please come in and tell us what you think. We love the community input and we value the effort our customers put forward in making us a spot they like to hang out, relax and listen to good music.

Brock St. Espresso